Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Back and Calves

Another one of my favorite days. Always start with heavy deads.

Deadlift 3x3 (305,325,345)
Close Grip Chins 4x10,8,8,6 (BW+25)
T-Bar Rows 3x10,8,6 (115,120,125)
DB Rows 3x8 (60)
Wide Grip Pulldowns 3x10 (100)
Seated Calf Raises 3x10 (145)

Again, I like doing high volume. I've tried a lot of different routines and this always gives me the best pump/results. It can be killer sometimes, but I like it. I was feeling good from the start getting back to 345x3 on deadlifts after having to take 2 months off heavy squats and deads two months ago. Slowly getting back up in numbers.


  1. nice deadlifting brah keep up the good work :)

    your friend,

  2. Strong weight brah!

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